Guidelines for use of Training Halls and facilities at the EDC Training Complex.


  • There are three Air-Conditioned halls located on the 5th Floor of EDC House, Panaji-Goa as follows:

    • Multipurpose auditorium NALANDA – 100 persons (with Public Address System)
    • Training Hall – 40 persons
    • Mini Conference Hall – 15 persons
  • There is also an independent dining hall located on the 5th floor of EDC House. The independent dining hall shall be made available to users of Nalanda auditorium, free of additional cost.Users of other training halls could make use of adjoining dining facilities or may be allowed the use of the independent dining hall, subject to availability.

  • The halls shall be available only for training related activities, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, etc., of non religious and non political nature.

  • The following shall be the tariff for allotment of various halls and facilities:

    Particulars Capacity Tariff (Rs.)
    Half Day Full Day
    1 Nalanda” Multipurpose A.C. Auditorium 100 4,500/-  + 18%
    6000/-  + 18%
    2 Training Hall (A.C.)
    (only on Saturday and Sunday)
    40 3000/-   + 18%
    4000/-  + 18%
    1 LCD Projector with laptop 800/-  + 18%
    1500/-  + 18%

                                                      GST 18% will be charged extra

  • The above tariff shall be inclusive of Public Address system (only in Nalanda), dais sitting, podium, white board, display screen, auditorium chairs, etc, which is made available in different halls.

  • Parties requisitioning the hall will have to book the hall well in advance either by e-mail:, written request or by filling up the standardized requisition form, giving details of programmed, number of participants, timings etc.

  • The full time caretaker of the complex shall provide need based assistance to the hall users, such as, arranging furniture, operating Public Address system, operating LCD projector (when requisitioned against payment), general cleanliness, etc.

  • Eatables, beverages, tea and coffee shall not be allowed to be served in ‘Nalanda’

  • The training hall users have the option of using caterer of their choice. However, cooking of any nature shall not be allowed in the EDC House premises. Similarly, cleaning of utensils, crockery, cutlery shall not be allowed in the EDC House.

  • The caterers shall make their own arrangement to dispose off the garbage.

  • Smoking and consumption of liquor in the EDC House is strictly prohibited.

  • The lifts provided are common facility for all the users of EDC House and shall be used as per availability.

  • Lift facilities on holidays shall be provided on need based basis.

  • EDC and its staff shall not be held responsible for failure of any infrastructure, beyond its control.

  • Users of the hall shall ensure safety and security of belonging of their participants. EDC shall not take responsibility of the above aspects. The users of the Training Complex shall ensure discipline and cleanliness.

  • The allottees shall ensure safety of all the assets of the Corporation and any loss caused due to its mishandling shall be recovered from them.

  • Allotment of training halls shall be subject to availability.

  • The right to allot or reject allotment is reserved by EDC Ltd.


  • EDC reserves the right to refuse use of hall to those who fail to make advance payment.

  • Government Departments, Government Corporations and Government Organizations shall be exempted from advance payment. However, they should ensure payment of the charges within 15 days of use of the premises.

  • All non Government organizations who are allotted the training halls, shall make advance payment at the prescribed tariff, prior to the use of premises for the event. Regular users may be allowed to make payments on monthly basis or post-event, at the discretion of EDC Ltd.

  • In case of cancellation of booking of the premises, the EDC will either refund the amount paid after making 10% deductions or will adjust the amount paid as an advance towards booking on rescheduled date, if any, after making a token deduction of Rs.100.00.


  • Normally no rebate or concessional tariff shall be offered. However, Managing Director, EDC Ltd. is authorized to consider concessional tariff to those booking the hall on regular basis or for longer duration, exceeding one week.

  • Managing Director, EDC Ltd. may allow concessional tariff or complimentary use of the hall to non profit organizations dealing with welfare of physically challenged persons or some such similar organizations/events.

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