Patto Plaza

EDC Limited.

EDC has developed the Patto Plaza project at a prime location in the capital city of Panaji, Goa and it is famously known as EDC Patto Plaza. The EDC Patto Plaza has a total area of 1,77,000 with well-planned roads, footpath, underground sewage system, water supply network, open spaces, landscaping, etc. The land at Patto Plaza has been reclaimed, levelled and developed into various plots which has then been allotted on perpetual lease basis to various allottees over the years. The EDC Patto Plaza is presently the most important Central Business area of Goa housing the State and Central government entities such as RBI, LIC, SBI, Bank of India, Income Tax Dept., Passport Dept., etc. There are other offices of major Business establishments at Patto Plaza such as Vedanta Ltd., Dempo Trade Centre, Gera Imperium, etc.

The FAR for the land at EDC Patto Plaza is 2.5. The EDC Patto Plaza has helped in decongesting the Panaji city and has added great value to the state of Goa.

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