Objectives of EDC

EDC has been a professionally managed organization and acts as an excellent Delivery Channel for conversion of the Government policies and delivering them to the citizens.

The main objectives of the corporation are:

To extend financial assistance by means of various financial products

To encourage and promote participation of capital in various forms like equity, preference or debentures in industrial enterprises and other economic activities.

To participate in other development works, projects, schemes as mandated by the Government.

To identify and motivate entrepreneurs to set up industries and assist them by providing required training and guidance.

To offer and act as an agent for the disbursement of various schemes, incentives, concessions and benefit on behalf of the State and Central Government to units and enterprises assisted by EDC.

To carry on the business of a Financial Institution by providing financial assistance to Entrepreneurs for starting, expanding, modernizing their activities in the following sectors:

  • Small & Medium Entrepreneurs in the industrial sector
  • Tourism sector
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • Service sector
  • Construction sector
  • Infrastructure Development

EDC has launched an initiative titled “Centre for Empowerment & Excellence”

EDC has launched an initiative titled “Centre for Empowerment & Excellence” aimed at training and empowering individuals to strive for excellence. To fortify this initiative the corporation has developed a training complex with a state-of-the-art auditorium “Nalanda”, and  other smaller halls where training programmes are conducted. The halls are also available for hire.

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