Goa Electronics Limited (GEL)

Chairman: Dr. Pramod Sawant
Managing Director: Shri B.S. Borkar

Goa Electronics Limited (GEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of EDC Ltd. was started in 1978. GEL was originally involved in the manufacture of CTVs, B/W TVs and audio sets . GEL had diversified in the IT sector and was identified as one of the agency for providing IT support to Government departments in the state of Goa. Since then GEL has been providing fee based IT support to various Government Departments.

Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) has its focus on three critical areas of IT – Business Consultation, Software Solution Provider, and Hardware Supply and Maintenance. Our approach is bringing all three areas to bear by understanding our customers need first, building solid solutions, and supporting those solutions long term. Although GEL can be engaged at any point in the process, the real value comes from the entire cross functional approach when we are engaged from beginning to end. Our “Plan, Build, Manage” approach provides a cohesive solution that enables you to focus on your business to ensure success. We work closely with our clients. We believe in a certain set of core values that will help maximize the potential of our clients. We value individual commitment, hard work and dedication. We always take responsibility for our actions and use our creativity and business knowledge to add more value. We are honest and fair in our dealings and constantly look for an outcome where the solutions we put in place deliver mutual benefits. We believe that these core values are the key to a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with any client.

GEL IT Core Competencies

GEL is experienced in executing projects on virtually all the existing IT platforms. Below are platforms that we are currently providing services:

ASP.Net, C#, Java, VB.Net, ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, OOP, .NET Framework, Windows, Visual Basic, VB Script
Power Builder, Rational Rose
Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Exchange 2000, IIS, UNIX
MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle
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