Entrepreneurship And Training Profile of EDC

EDC Ltd., is proud to have completed 40 years of its fruitful existence wherein it has extended valuable contribution towards entrepreneurship empowerment, and continues to do so with added vigour.

The Corporation is perhaps one of the few financial institutions in the country which has attached prime importance to training and empowerment, as a way of encouraging first generation entrepreneurs.

The training and empowerment initiative of EDC dates back to 1983, the year in which EDC formally initiated conducting full fledged entrepreneurship development programmes(EDP).

Under this initiative, EDC has so far conducted more than 35 full fledged EDPs, thereby training and empowering around 1000 first generation entrepreneurs, many of whom have excelled in their chosen fields.

The success stories of these trained entrepreneurs is a matter of great pride for the Corporation.

The deserved selection of EDC Ltd by the Government of Goa for implementing it’s flagship self employment Scheme, named Chief Minister’s Rojgar Yojana (CMRY), in the year 2001 has been the most satisfying venture for the Corporation.

Under this scheme, apart from financing more than 5500 beneficiaries , EDC Ltd has also imparted need based entrepreneurship training to these beneficiaries, so as to encourage them to run their business more efficiently.

Prior to launching of the CMRY Scheme, EDC had also been entrusted with the task of imparting entrepreneurship training to the beneficiaries of the centrally sponsored PMRY Scheme, under which, more than 1500 persons were trained.

Encouraged by the response to the training initiatives, EDC in the year 2008 established the Centre for Empowerment & Excellence to further strengthen this capability and to cater to the training needs in the State.

Within a short span of time, the Centre has conducted a number of EDPs, management development programmes, awareness programmes, etc., which were well attended and appreciated. EDC has been conducting these training programmes, on its own or in collaboration/association/faculty support, with other organizations in the field.

EDC has also supported and promoted the Trainers’ Association, Goa, which is actively involved in motivating and empowering trainers and conducting training programmes.

EDC has the manpower and the expertise and above all the right infrastructure for taking up any type of training progammes, either on our own or with the help of the best available faculty in Goa or outside.

The Corporation has dedicated an entire floor of its office building and developed it as a training complex.

The said complex of the Corporation is located on the 5th floor of EDC House in the heart of Panaji city and has become quite a popular place for holding training, conferences, meetings, workshops and other related events.

The training complex comprises the main multipurpose hall named ‘Nalanda’ which has a sitting capacity of 100 persons, the 2nd hall named ‘Training Hall’ has a sitting capacity of 40 persons whereas the 3rd one named ‘Mini Conference Hall’ is of 15 persons, which is suited for smaller groups, Board meetings, etc. All these halls are air-conditioned.

The training Complex has a spacious dining hall which comes complimentary with booking of Nalanda, whereas the Training Hall has a separate space for catering.

The training halls are well equipped with modern training equipments, P.A. system (in Nalanda), white writing boards, screens, dais, podium, comfortable chairs and above all, the best ambience for training and related activities

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