EDC Limited is a premier financial institution in Goa. Formerly known as Economic Development Corporation of Goa, Daman & Diu, it was incorporated on 12th March 1975 and has during the last 45 years of its existence been a catalyst for economic development and industrial growth in Goa. Thousands of jobs created by units financed by EDC, directly and indirectly, have helped the state to ease the problem of unemployment.

EDC takes pride in its versatility which is a pre-requisite in today’s challenging business environment and has geared itself to diversify from a prime lending institution into a result oriented financial institution of trust and confidence in the financial sector.


To provide financial assistance to small scale and medium scale units for setting up projects of eligible industrial activities for acquiring fixed assets like land, building, plant machinery and other miscellaneous assets.


The maximum amount of loan shall be subject to the following limits:

Proprietary concerns

Rs.400.00 Lakh

Partnership firms

Rs.700.00 Lakh

Corporate bodies / Limited liability Partnership

Rs.1500.00 Lakh

The loan assistance shall be considered subject to the unit providing adequate security with the project being technically feasible and financially viable as per the norms and guidelines of the Corporation. The actual amount of loan sanctioned shall be decided by the Corporation.

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Why Choose EDC for MSME Loans?

  1. Attractive Interest Rates
  2. Special Interest Rebates for Goans/ Women Entrepreneurs/ Units in Backward Talukas
  3. Loan Repayment within 8 years including moratorium up to 2 years.
  4. Quick Processing
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